Goddard Fall Festival 2020


Hi Friends! Going into this years Fall Festival we were so excited! We knew back in March that we were up against some pretty great odds with COVID-19 but we are firm believers that  the show must go on and that everyone has a right to their own opinions and if they attend or not and we have been planning to continue with this year’s GFF.

We posted on this groups FB page and asked what everyone’s thoughts were and as a community you want the GFF to continue! We LOVE that because it shows that we have a supportive community that looks forward to all the fun that we have every year.

With that being said, we have run into lot of issues.

  1. We have only had 25 vendors (including the business on Main St.) that have committed to attending. This time last year we had well over 70 and in reaching out we have learned that a lot of businesses do not feel comfortable setting up a booth in the current climate.
  2. When hosting a large event like the GFF it must be properly insured. We have been unable to secure proper insurance because of the large crowds and COVID-19.
  3. We have not had any interest in sponsorships which allow us to pay for many things (stage, entertainment, transportation, prizes etc) because of COVID-19
  4. The Lions Club is unable to host BINGO which is a community GFF staple due to COVID-19 restrictions.
  5. The Carnival has stated that every other town has cancelled and asked us to consider that option as they travel into town and need to ensure a good crowd when employing the workers and trying to makes ends meet.
  6. Our local volunteer organization has let us know that they are unable to participate which would leave us with only the Lions Club volunteers and that is simple not enough.
  7. The parade cannot happen due to lack of participation because of the close proximity people have while walking. Also, no candy allowed to be thrown out.
  8. No hot Dog eating contest, Pie contest, singing competition allowed.
  9. Ever changing local city and county rules changing.

There are lots more we can list but as you can see with everything above..this is difficult but we have to cancel. There is simply no way around it at this point and we feel terrible! It feels like a let down to the community and our vendors and we apologize.

Again, we appreciate you and thank you!

Mark Collier – Goddard Fall Festival Committee Chair


Goddard Lions Club

The Goddard Fall Festival is organized by the Fall Festival Committee and Goddard Lions Club with support from many fine sponsors.

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