Goddard Fall Festival Parade
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Goddard Fall Festival Parade
"Reaching for the Stars"
October 7, 2017

Parade Information

The theme of the 2017 Fall Festival is Reaching for the Stars. Preregistration is REQUIRED. Each entry must have a signed waiver submitted to the City of Goddard in order to participate. Completed registration forms must be submitted to the City of Goddard to the information listed on the form. No registrations will be taken the day of the parade- no exceptions.

Cash prizes will be awarded to the top three floats. Entries should carry the theme. Winners will be judged as they pass the Announcer Stand on Main Street. Cash prizes will be available at the Goddard Community Center from Lions Club Staff following the parade. Parade starts at 10:30 a.m. Line-up starts at 9:00 a.m. at 1st and Walnut.

Instruction for Parade Check In:

All entries for the parade, except bands, should CHECK IN at the corner of 1st and Walnut where you will be assigned a number for judging and line up. Please display the number on the front of your entry to the right so the announcer can see it.

  • Traffic will closed on Walnut at 3rd St. at 10:15 a.m. due to parade lineup. There are a few exceptions:
    • All Marching Bands except the Goddard High School will form at Challenger Intermediate School. Bands will flow into parade at 3rd and Walnut from the front parking lot of Challenger Intermediate School. Goddard High School Band will be dropped off at Oak Street and will be inserted into the parade at 3rd and Pine.
    • Bicycles/Walkers will meet at the north end of Walnut and 2rd Street by 9:45.
    • Large groups of walkers or float riders should park and organize at the ball fields at north of Clark Davidson Schools. Please proceed on the sidewalk at 9:45 a.m. to Challenger Intermediate School and check into the parade like up.
    • Shriners meet north of Clark Davidson School at Ball Diamonds. Shriners should proceed to 1st and Walnut to get in the parade lineup by 10:00 a.m.
  • Parade ends at Discovery Intermediate School Parking Lot. Parade participants can be picked up there. Please use the south drive by the tennis courts to enter and leave parking lot.

Download Parade Information and Entry Form


  1. No candy or other items are to be thrown to the crowd from floats/walkers. Candy or items can be handed out or tossed underhanded but not thrown! Violators will be removed from the parade.

  2. Crowds will be held back to the side of the street during the parade by volunteers. Please help keep the path clear for all parade participants.

  3. Unless there is an emergency, participants are not allowed to get on or off of floats or vehicles while they are in motion or anywhere on the parade route.

  4. Drivers of any vehicle must have a valid driver’s license and vehicle liability insurance as required by the State of Kansas. All motorized vehicles in the parade must be operated by an individuals at least eighteen (18) years of age.

  5. Participants should be aware that it is possible that an emergency vehicle may need to leave the parade suddenly in the event of an emergency.

  6. This is a controlled, forward-motion parade. To reduce gaps, vehicles should limit their speed to the pace of a slow walk (approximately 5 miles per hour) and stay within two car-lengths of the preceding entry. Please take into consideration that marching bands may move at a slower pace. At no time may any vehicle travel at more than 5 miles per hour.

  7. If your entry includes animals, you are expected to have a waste detail walking immediately behind your entry with the appropriate shovels and buckets. If you do not have the appropriate clean-up detail entry in the parade will be denied. Animal must be listed on the entry form. Horses must be bagged or followed by scoopers during the parade. The staging area shall be left as clean as you found it, please!

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